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January duo- Red Hot Momma is a rich, heavily pigmented red creme. Depending on your polishing style (thick or thinner coats) this is a one coat red for many people. This red can lean a tiny bit warm or cool, depending on skin tone, but it's sexy, just like the name suggests. If you apply thinner coats, you will definitely need 2 coats, though. My dear friend Marnie nailed the name on this pretty-she has the blog, http://nubbins4nails.blogspot.com/.
The inspiration behind the "Strong Women" series are the women I've met through the years. These are women that have been through the best and worst that life can throw at them. This is to honor all the women out there that are are competent, feisty, resilient and beautiful. Women of all ages, all shapes, sizes and colors.
**This listing is for a full sized, 15ml bottle.

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